Hey, do you feel that working from home sucks?

Don't worry, here I have 5 tips to make you work smartly from home.

Tip 1:

Wash your eyes 2-4 times a day with normal water.

Since we are engaged with screens, our mind gets upset within a short period. You can refresh your eyes which makes your vision (Physically & Mentally) clearer.

Tip 2:

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

This includes breathing exercises and yoga.

Sitting for a long time makes you sleepy, to be an active person practice exercises daily.

Tip 3:

Play all the time!

It may be your work or personal, just have fun!

Don't be a robot, just play with your work.

Have some time to play with the people around you.

This makes you feel fresh and work efficiently.

Now go and apply the tips, Congrats!

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